View Our Homeschool Task Learning Space + Video Tour

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We love learning on our home and try to make it as much fun as possible. In our play zone / homeschooling zone space is limited so we streamline and organize as much as we can into the space that we have. Here is a video to show you how we've set up our school task area. I love Dollar Tree for most organizational items especially their laminated wipe sheets that can be used again and again. ​ [video src="" poster=""][/video] ​ Below are some pictures of our learning space. We have an open floor area that changes depending upon...

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Sick-Day Save: Classical Painting Pastime + 3 Tips To Keep It Calm

My family has been sick for days and while movie marathons and cuddles on the sofa are fun; they tend to get boring after a while. Luckily, while on the mend I decided to host morning paint sessions ... (input classical music and art inspirations here). I don't usually allow paint inside but it was a nice change in our illness pattern of waking, eating, crying, napping, eating, crying ... do I need to go on? This was to get us doing 'something' before we all have to nap from illness induced exhaustion. I'm an Amazon Prime member so these...

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