Early Learning Teaching Tools

Building An Entrepreneurial Mindset In Children Teaching Tools

A ~ Z List of teaching resources, printable’s, homeschool schedules and more …

Building An Entrepreneurial Mindset In Children

My TOP 5 Favorite Early Learning Website Resources …

I use each source I suggest. I am not an affiliate for any of these sources, I just believe in the teaching philosophy and coursework. Click links or images to learn more. 

top 5 early learning resources

This is an AMAZING resource is literally FILLED with tried / tested / hands-on resources made by teachers. 

There are so many wonderful teachers on here. Each teacher offers a free download to view their quality of work. The coursework is averrable from Pre-school, K-12. Visit Teacherpayteachers.com My personal fav’s … 

Mrs. D’s Corner 


Planning Playtime 


Linda Kamp 


top 5 early learning resources



I love this website because it is filled with creative and inexpensive early learning ideas. Plus the creator, Lindsy has a complete yearly lesson plan! I’ve used this plan with my Little’s and helps keep me on track (free).  Visit PreschoolAlphabet.blogspot.com 


top 5 early learning resources

This website boasts literally bundles and bundles of free content from Pre-school, K-12. My personal favorite is her Mini Office Lapbook concept (see pictures) that you can create out of any learning lesson. Visit: HomeschoolCreations.net 




top 5 early learning resources


Filled with links to great free content and coursework K-12.

Filled with amazing early learning resource printable bundles. Visit: OutstandingTeachers.com


top 5 early learning resources

I am a member (not an affiliate) and for my annual fee of $10 month annual fee pre-paid I get guided lessons, teacher plans, printable’s and progress reports. Coursework is available from Pre-school, K-12. 

You can also have more than one child using the system simultaneously. Visit Educaiton.com 


top 5 early learning resources

These are my favorites’s, but you can also find a full list of the top 25 rated homeschool or early educator websites listed at CircleOfMoms.com 

TeachingTextbooks.com  – Math for grades 7-12.

LessonPlanet.com – Core learning requirements and lesson plans plus coursework by teachers for K-12.




top 5 early learning resources

Entrepreneurial Mindset In Children: Tools & Aids for Success 


My Seasonal Family Course Plans by Day, Activity Lists & Bucket Lists (Summer)  



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