How To Design A Time In / Reflection Zone For Kids 

Do you want to create your own Time-in Reflection Zone in your home? If so, it's easier than you may think to implement this space and effectively transition to it rather then sending kids to time out or to their bedroom.  Kids are naturally going to over react, melt down, tantrum and generally drive you crazy at some point during the week or even all in one day. But what if you could pre-empirically counter any of those cinareios with a simple trick of the mind. No, I don't mean reverse psychology or redirecting. I am referring to a safe,...

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Create A Summer Art Wall Banner In 3 Steps

Create a summer art wall banner for your home. I have a banner for every season. To look at spring click here. I was going to make a completely new summer banner, but I was short on time so I just flipped over my spring banner and added my new felt letters. STEP 1: Gather materials and cut out your letters. STEP 2: Hot Glue letters and glue each tab to a felt shape. I like the triangle shape or flag shape. This season's material list was short; felt package from Dollar Tree, scissors and hot glue gun. STEP 3:...

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View Our Homeschool Task Learning Space + Video Tour

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We love learning on our home and try to make it as much fun as possible. In our play zone / homeschooling zone space is limited so we streamline and organize as much as we can into the space that we have. Here is a video to show you how we've set up our school task area. I love Dollar Tree for most organizational items especially their laminated wipe sheets that can be used again and again. ​ [video src="" poster=""][/video] ​ Below are some pictures of our learning space. We have an open floor area that changes depending upon...

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