Top 10 Purse Picks for Her

top 10 purse picks for her

Top 10 Purse Picks / Gifts for Her. Hello. What kind of things do you keep in your purse. I personally love putting things in there. A new lipstick, a cute folding comb, a brand new wallet! So this holiday season I thought why not make a list of all the fun things you could buy a girl for her purse. Now, all of these items would also fit nicely into a girls backpack or locker or a mommy's diaper bag. Most of these are under $10 with a few being under $20. I like to select things that you may...

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A Happy Mother’s Day Gift Guide For The Grandma or Nana In Your Life

gift guide for her

A happy Mother's Day gift guide for the grandma or Nana in your life. I just love this time of year! I love giving gifts, I just do! I actually collect things all year! Whenever I see something that I know a certain person on my list would love I buy it and save it for a birthday, holiday or special moment. So when making my lists I wanted to make a little something special for those lovely ladies called grandma or nana or in our house G-ma. Many of these items I've actually given as a gift or for instance ......

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