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NEW Free Printable Fall Bucket List

Hi, I love fall with all the color changes and different activities that you can do inside and outside. Each year I create a new bucket list as a reminder of what my family can do instead of complaining about the rain. I'm sharing my current Fall Bucket List! If you use it I would love to hear what you put on your list.   I add things like: Make Apple Pie Bake Muffins Create Branch Art Paint Pinecones Go To A Pumpkin Patch LINK & Download Here ---> fall bucket list Enjoy! ~Sasha  

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How To Design A Time In / Reflection Zone For Kids 

Do you want to create your own Time-in Reflection Zone in your home? If so, it's easier than you may think to implement this space and effectively transition to it rather then sending kids to time out or to their bedroom. Kids are naturally going to over react, melt down, tantrum and generally drive you crazy at some point during the week or even all in one day. But what if you could pre-empirically counter any of those cinareios with a simple trick of the mind. No, I don't mean reverse psychology or redirecting. I am referring to a safe,...

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Create A Summer Art Wall Banner In 3 Steps

Create a summer art wall banner for your home. I have a banner for every season. To look at spring click here. I was going to make a completely new summer banner, but I was short on time so I just flipped over my spring banner and added my new felt letters. STEP 1: Gather materials and cut out your letters. STEP 2: Hot Glue letters and glue each tab to a felt shape. I like the triangle shape or flag shape. This season's material list was short; felt package from Dollar Tree, scissors and hot glue gun. STEP 3:...

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How To Create A Home Organizational / Money Management Binder + Links to Freebies!

home binder image

Hi! I love organizing my home, but even wih all if my systems I still lise tra k of some of the most importanit amd basic home tasks that really need constant care to be accomplished. Enter ... the home binder. Here is how I built and orgamized my owm home binder / money management binder with links to all of my favorite freebies that actually help you get thinking a out your priorities and then get them organized. First and foremost all of my supplies  were purchased from Dollar Tree or Office Depot. You don't need to spend a...

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View Our Homeschool Task Learning Space + Video Tour

educational space, child early learning,

We love learning on our home and try to make it as much fun as possible. In our play zone / homeschooling zone space is limited so we streamline and organize as much as we can into the space that we have. Here is a video to show you how we've set up our school task area. I love Dollar Tree for most organizational items especially their laminated wipe sheets that can be used again and again. ​ [video src="" poster=""][/video] ​ Below are some pictures of our learning space. We have an open floor area that changes depending upon...

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Sick-Day Save: Classical Painting Pastime + 3 Tips To Keep It Calm

My family has been sick for days and while movie marathons and cuddles on the sofa are fun; they tend to get boring after a while. Luckily, while on the mend I decided to host morning paint sessions ... (input classical music and art inspirations here). I don't usually allow paint inside but it was a nice change in our illness pattern of waking, eating, crying, napping, eating, crying ... do I need to go on? This was to get us doing 'something' before we all have to nap from illness induced exhaustion. I'm an Amazon Prime member so these...

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Do you want to have a successful family meeting that everyone enjoys? Here’s how … + PDF

Do you want to have a successful family meeting that everyone enjoys? Here's how ... First, your actual family meeting worksheet is set up to discuss what is going well, what needs improvement, who has suggestions; for ultimate success you will want to make sure that mom does NOT run the meeting. You want your family to believe that this meeting is for the greater good of the group and not just a sneaky way for mom to tell everyone what to do.   TIP: I suggest taking turns. Start with one of your kids, then transition to your partner and...

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Clean Your Home Office Once & For All With These 4 Fast Steps

Clean Your Home Office Once & For All With These 4 Fast Steps. So this is probably a headache for many of you. I know that this drives me crazy ... you get the kids to sleep and you just sit down at your computer to check your email or get a little work done and you can't find anything is the clutter and mess that your desktop screen has become. Yikes!  This is just so simple to fix and I have a fun and free way of doing it. I first discovered this from ​I Heart Planners. Here is the full...

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4 Free Customizable Printable’s To Show MOM You Love Her! + 5 Bonus Cards

Mother's Day Cards, Mother's Day Craft, DIY, Kid Craft

Happy Mother's Day! Your R&R day is almost here. I've made a few things for your Little's to design and decorate to show you how much they appreciate you. Here are 5 Free Mother's Day Appreciation pages plus 4 Free Inspiring Mother's Day Cards. (all downloadable, printable pdf's) We know that the women in your life are super special and we wanted to say thank you for helping out, teaching, caring, loving, being understanding, paving the way, guiding us, mentoring us and being fabulous! Happy Mother's Day! Tips for a relaxing Mother's Day ... Pre-plan: Let your partner and kids...

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12 Elements To Building A Beautiful Bedroom Sanctuary

12 Elements to building a bedroom sanctuary by Sasha Reinke at

Organize Your Life Beautifully So it's natural to say that your bedroom is literally the one place you should feel the most comfortable. For obvious reason ... you have to be able to fall asleep in it, right? Then why do so many of us have poorly lit, badly designed and overly stuffed spaces? Here is my bedroom picture before I put into place my principals on each room in my home.  These principals have helped me declutter, organize and create a lasting design that feels good year after year. My bedroom was dark and overly cramped. I think my...

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