Sick-Day Save: Classical Painting Pastime + 3 Tips To Keep It Calm

My family has been sick for days and while movie marathons and cuddles on the sofa are fun; they tend to get boring after a while. Luckily, while on the mend I decided to host morning paint sessions … (input classical music and art inspirations here). I don’t usually allow paint inside but it was a nice change in our illness pattern of waking, eating, crying, napping, eating, crying … do I need to go on? This was to get us doing ‘something’ before we all have to nap from illness induced exhaustion.

I’m an Amazon Prime member so these came quickly (not a paid post, but these are my affiliate links). They will not affect your cost in the slightest.

Here are my art inspired picks & tips from sick-central.

TIP 1) Go-with-the-flow: No one likes being sick and we all get crankier and have a shorter fuse. When Doug this post my son dropped his entire paint pallet on the floor. Needless to say, paint was everywhere. However, one wet cloth and a few seconds later everything was perfect again. My son said sorry and I just smiled. No tears and off to painting again. This paint is literally washable and water soluble; it cleaned up off of hands, the floor, my cabinets, clothing etc. in seconds.

Paint: School Smart Non-Toxic Washable Paint 

Fabric Apron: Assorted Colors

Brushes: Round Assorted Brushes

Tray Palette For Paint 

Jumbo Coloring Book (mine was from Dollar Tree)

TIP 2) Just-add-music: Remember hat old saying, “music soothes the savage beast” well it works on kids too. And grumpy, sleep deprived mommies. Put on your own classical favorite; preferably without words and just relax. Better yet, you make yourself some tea so you can fully relax while your Little’s soothe anxious brain cells in need of good  neuron stimuli.

Music: Mozart Masterpieces or La La Land Soundtrack

TIP 3) Have-a-back-up-activity: Nothing lasts forever. Have an immediate activity to transition your Little’s into once painting is over. This will keep them on the path of learning or amusement while you do quick clean up and prevent any crying or whining.

Click images to link to items.

Happy painting!

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