The Ultimate Clean & Organizing Checklist For Your Home: Get It Free!

The Ultimate Clean & Organizing Checklist! I love saying that because we all have those problem areas that literally seem to grow no matter how much we organize them, but I want you to know that your are not alone and we can make a plan together! I’ve put together these clean and organizing cards for you and your family to complete together. In my house the easiest way to keep a space clean is to make sure everyone is on board with the household cleaning. If I do it all myself I start to feel resentful that no one else is pitching in, but it also doesn’t teach anyone that they have to pick up their own stuff. So, we have a family cleaning day and I hand these out to each person in the family. Everyone is responsible of their own card and area to clean. We set a timer and off we go. Here are a few tips to make sure your family cleaning day is successful and dare I say FUN!


  1. Resist the urge to correct or monitor cleaning. Let everyone literally be in charge of their own space. This not only makes everyone pitch in, but it will make that person realize how much their efforts make a difference. Plus, bonus later in the day, week or month you’ll start to catch that person of your family tidying up or telling others to pick up because they just cleaned there. It’s really awesome to see that happen; especially when it isn’t you.

  2. Set a timer. If there is one thing that really messes up a family cleaning day it’s going past your timer. Everyone can be happily participating knowing there is an end in sight, but if you keep it going once the timer goes off you’ll just cause resentment. So once the timer goes off it has to be complete. If you want your family to trust you and do the cleaning day int the future you’ll need to stick to the set time.

  3. Create a fun reward afterwards that everyone can enjoy. I like pizza night. It is easy and a fun way to celebrate a clean home without putting too much effort into a crazy exciting event. Kids of all ages love pizza and that way you can bond after a all your hard work. Bonus: pizza is fast and easy to clean-up.


Download PDF HERE -> Clean & Organized Th Ultimate Checklist For Your Home by_ Sasha Reinke (c) 2017

Let me know if this works for you. Feel free to adapt it and make it your own. What is your favorite way to play or reward your family after a family cleaning day? I would love to hear from you.