Do you want to have a successful family meeting that everyone enjoys? Here’s how … + PDF

Do you want to have a successful family meeting that everyone enjoys? Here’s how …

First, your actual family meeting worksheet is set up to discuss what is going well, what needs improvement, who has suggestions; for ultimate success you will want to make sure that mom does NOT run the meeting. You want your family to believe that this meeting is for the greater good of the group and not just a sneaky way for mom to tell everyone what to do.


TIP: I suggest taking turns. Start with one of your kids, then transition to your partner and finally mom. Rotate around each meeting so that no one feels left out. Conversely, you don’t want anyone to feel pressured to participate. If older kids think it’s silly or stupid just try to encourage them to vocalize their wants and demands on the family. Once they see that you are really listening they’ll be happy to tell you want they like or do not like in the current system.    

Next, you have a sheet that is a spotlight for whomever has been doing a great job. Try to point out the little helpful things that may have otherwise gone unnoticed to encourage more like-situations. For example, if your kiddo took initiate to get dressed for bed or you happen to see your older child helping your younger child with a task. Perhaps mom or dad did an extra special outing just for the family; these are all worthy of a little special recognition. 

Finally, work hard at making sure everyone is trying to make the improvement section moving forward at whatever pace you can. You want your family to feel united in this meeting and making sure everyone is heard and everyone’s needs are met is important.

Lastly, keep a timer. Try to keep the meeting under 20 or 30 min. max. This should be a short, happy check-in not a long lecture. Keeping a timer will help make everyone feel better and keep the group on track for a fast meeting. 

TIP: Keep all electronic devices off and in a different room during the meeting to limit the distractions. 

Download PDF HERE -> Family Meeting by_ Sasha Reinke


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