Learn The Three Secrets To Organizing Kids’s Toys

Learn The Three Secrets to Organizing Kids’ Toys Once & For All.

It all comes down to these three foundations: ​

1) Is it needed?

2) Is it used? 

3) Where can it go? 


 Kids have so many things. It is crazy how many little toys kids have an those toys get dumped out everywhere every few seconds it’s amazing if anyone gets anything done other than cleaning. If you are like so many and you find yourself cleaning up mess after mess (non-food related). Then it is time to purge. This will do two things for you and your family. First, it will make your kids appreciate what they have and two, it will make you feel more like a member of the actual family and not a free maid. 

To do this download the free PDF check-list HERE

1) Is it needed? Does the item in question have a key function for school, entertainment or home-life that helps or aids in some way? If so, then keep it and give it a home. 

2) Is it used? Sometimes I find myself keeping a toy that I think is super cute or neat even thought no one plays with it. Or I may keep something past its usefulness just because originally I spent a lot of money on it. Unfortunately, these are not reason to keep something that your kids have outgrown or never liked. If it is not used, get rid of it. You can read my How To Make Money Consigning post here. If your item isn’t in good condition, donate it. Both lessons are good for your kids to learn. Selling items for a profit and saving the money is a great lesson. Or giving and donating items is also a great lesson to understand. 

3) Where can it go? Now that you have separated the keep from the toss piles you have to find a home for all those misfit toys. My secret to organization is putting things in like piles. All my boxes have one thing in common; function. An item needs to preform some kind of function for your child. Does it teach, help aid or add value? 

Arrange things into like categories. 



-Creative Building or Inventing 


(See visual below, contains images) 

I get all of my containers from Dollar Tree (not a sponsored statement). I love that they have a huge variety and the colors change. I organize averring into segments and when my kids outgrow a bin I replace the contents with age appropriate activities. My kids know that when they need something to do, they can go into the Busy Brain Closet and get something to play with. ​

As far as the bedrooms go, I try to keep reading materials or books, their main favorite toy (they don’t like sharing with their sibling) and stuffed animals friends. Taking toys out of the bedroom helps them settle at night and leaves the space cleaner.