3 Simple Steps To Front Door Presence & Curb Appeal

Here are my three simple steps to front door presence and curb appeal; clean, organize and decorate. Whether you work from home, have guests over or not a welcoming front door and entry way will make you feel happy to come home.

How many of you have ever walked up to a front door (usually around Halloween) and thought to yourself, “wow, these people are slobs? Or perhaps, you may have thought, “does anyone live here?” Let me tell you those homes are owned by slobs or the homeless, but instead busy people just like you and me who have either lost sight of their own front door or don’t know what to do with it so they do nothing. Believe me, I’ve been there; especially if you use your garage as a front door.

I work from home and happen to have a dedicated door for my business, but that does not stop me from warming up both my main door and business door with a little friendly novelty. It does two things 1) gives my business and home a touch of whimsy and makes the guest or clients feel a little more relaxed. After all, it is how we care for our home that others see and it shows that this is a loved home and we are happy here.

3 simple steps to front door presence and curb appeal with vipdiddly.com

Here are you steps: Download these Cheat Sheet Printable Cards with the check-lists to accomplish each step. HERE ->

  1. Clean

  2. Organize

  3. Decorate

First, clean the entire area. Mow the lawn trim plants, sweep, wipe down all of your windows and throw away old decor that has seen better days or worn out decor.

Next, organized the inside and outside or your main entry space.

Remember that nothing takes the place of a clean and organized space that lends itself to a happy atmosphere. I highly recommend you take your command center or office out of the main entry way and remove any toys or unrelated objects.

You can do just about anything to add to your front door, but I personally find that a wreath helps set an inviting presence. You can purchase a completed wreath, make one from scratch or alter one you find to fit your color palette. Try to coordinate your wreath with your home color and theme.

Finally, decorate. Try not to overdo it, a few key decorate elements make a larger impact than a lot of messy decor or cluttered collections. My personal favorite is the door wreath. To make the wreath your see above you will need the following items.

A wreath | Hot glue gun | faux flowers | Huge letter(s) (your name of business name) I purchased my material at my local Michaels Craft Store, you can also find everything at your local craving or supply store.

business mindset for women, wreath for business door

To get stared:

1) First, paint your letters and set them aside. This is where you want to choose colors that align with your branding, logo, business card, website or handouts.

2) Next, you will want to pre-arrange all of your flowers and letters over the wreath. In the photo above I used a twine wreath because my main office space has an early, bird theme.

3) Finally, warm up your hot glue gun and glue them all down. I suggest gluing the wreath and laying the items over the glue. Give it a gentile push to secure the glue. Allow for about 30 minutes for the glue to fully cool and then check to make sure nothing falls off. If something does fall off, just add more glue (make sure you are gluing the two areas of your design elements that actually touch).

Here is some more of my office decor. I have a main room for meetings and then a separate space for my desk and computer, files etc.

business mindset for women, office decor


In addition to your main door wreath or art, try adding a little bit of family personality to your entry way. We have a Family Rock at our home. It was a project that we did together and it makes such a wonderful visual whenever we come home. It is literally a huge rock; but we all put our hand print on it and it tells a non-verbal story to whomever comes to our door; ‘a family lives here’ and that’s what we are proud of.

I would love to see pictures of your finished products. What else do you do to you business door? How do you make your office space feel warm and inviting?