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Hi, I’m Sasha. I am a mom of two Little’s, 5 and 2. I am the creator of a small home business. Working from home with Little people around makes life both challenging filled with fun antics. I am on a never ending quest to find balance between career and raising my family. I love being able to work from home and have a career, but I also want to be able to care for my kids and be here for them while they are young. I believe that we can truly have it all as long as we know how to define our goals, put systems in place to help keep everything organized and learn how to be present in the moments that matter.

Here you will find the tools and resources I’ve found most helpful in my career and family balance journey. I also share many of my DIY natural healing remedies, homeschooling techniques that actually work and loads of free printable’s.  I look forward to hearing from you in the comments and getting to know you. Be sure to follow along on Instagram (Inspiration), Facebook (Creative Freebie Finds) and YouTube (Get Organized Video’s & More).

~Thanks for finding my happy internet nook, Sasha 



Business Owner | Mom of 2

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NEW Free Printable Fall Bucket List
Posted By Sasha  Posted On 20-Oct-2017

Hi, I love fall with all the color changes and different activities that you can do inside and outside. Each year I create a new bucket list as a reminder of what my family can do instead of complaining about the rain. I'm sharing my current Fall Bucket List! If

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How To Design A Time In / Reflection Zone For Kids 
Posted By Sasha  Posted On 03-Jul-2017

Do you want to create your own Time-in Reflection Zone in your home? If so, it's easier than you may think to implement this space and effectively transition to it rather then sending kids to time out or to their bedroom. Kids are naturally going to over react, melt down,

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Create A Summer Art Wall Banner In 3 Steps
Posted By Sasha  Posted On 23-Jun-2017

Create a summer art wall banner for your home. I have a banner for every season. To look at spring click here. I was going to make a completely new summer banner, but I was short on time so I just flipped over my spring banner and added my new

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How To Create A Home Organizational / Money Management Binder + Links to Freebies!
Posted By Sasha  Posted On 21-Jun-2017

Hi! I love organizing my home, but even wih all if my systems I still lise tra k of some of the most importanit amd basic home tasks that really need constant care to be accomplished. Enter ... the home binder. Here is how I built and orgamized my owm

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View Our Homeschool Task Learning Space + Video Tour
Posted By Sasha  Posted On 14-Jun-2017

We love learning on our home and try to make it as much fun as possible. In our play zone / homeschooling zone space is limited so we streamline and organize as much as we can into the space that we have. Here is a video to show you how

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Sick-Day Save: Classical Painting Pastime + 3 Tips To Keep It Calm
Posted By Sasha  Posted On 04-Jun-2017

My family has been sick for days and while movie marathons and cuddles on the sofa are fun; they tend to get boring after a while. Luckily, while on the mend I decided to host morning paint sessions ... (input classical music and art inspirations here). I don't usually allow

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